Monday, January 7, 2008

Dear Precious Human Being

The following is a letter I wrote to people who are experiencing a severe depression either in a hospital or not. It felt like my clinical depressions happened to me like "out of nowhere"...and it was always very frightening!!!!

The following letter was written while I was attending an incredible "Meditation Workshop" by a wonderful psychiatrist and human being who I believe opened up my consciousness in a way I never had before. I do believe, that spiritually, we connect to others that have teachings to share with us.

The first thing the psychiatrist said to me when I met him in this outpatient program was..."Are you spiritual?" If I were a cartoon character, my head would have done more than a double-take and my eyes would have popped out and back into my head. I had been desperately seeking relief from a deep, dark depression and had always found each one somehow "spiritual". It was as if he could read my mind.

to be continued...getting too tired)... will post the letter another time...tbd

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