Monday, December 31, 2007

Zoning Out and Thinking

I was thinking that no one was really reading any of these blogs, because there weren't any comments except one. Then, I got emails from friends who have not commented directly on the blog, but expressed themselves to me directly. Some other friends are busy and will comment later on. It's a beginning.

Anyway, I realize now that others may read and not comment and that's fine also. Giving my thoughts is not a demand for comments.

I realized that I can not do the Sculpture Project at Socrates Sculpture Park if the Sculpture is underground, since the whole park is a landfill. I seriously doubt it would be a good idea to dig underground. I am wondering if it needs to be underground. I am now thinking that P.S. 1 might be the right space for this project. I went to their internet site and will investigate more.

I will be joining a writing group and will continue to develop this project.

I called my friend Carol who is a great part of the inspiration for this whole idea. We helped each other at a hospital stay. It was, for me, an alternate universe, because I got out of my depression while still hospitalized. She was so helpful to me. I made a pact with Carol that we would always be there for each other.

True friends are there in this way, I think. Now there are the "fair weather friends" or even "false friends" and they will not be there when the going gets touch. Yet, I have learned that the saying "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink." is also true!

No matter how you want to help and heal another, it is that person's decision to act and choose health.

It is so difficult to change. For me, there was a lot of unknown territory and it was scarey and yet the rewards are tremendous. No matter how much I want to carry around a magic wand and "poof" others pain away...I still need to remind myself it is not up to me and I also need to keep my ego in check.

I may see my friend Sara today! She is the closest I have found to an angel on this earth. I have never heard her gossip about anyone. She is so wise and compassionate.

Most New Year's Eves I sit home and watch twilight zones. I don't want to be out around the crazy drivers on the road.

This one I have decided to ask my sister and some friends in the neighborhood over. It will give me the impetus to clean and also not to "zone out" out like a zombie in front of all the Twilight Zones.

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