Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sculpture Project Continued

I like to listen to 93.9 in my car and I heard a song by Norah Jones today called "Carnival" which is so related to my project. My friend Carol who I met in a hospital during one of my bouts with depression was the inspiration for a poem I wrote entitled "Carousel or Carol's Cell" and it is about how one goes around in circles and never gets anywhere and this is also part of what I experienced through many depressions.

I am going to Barnes and Noble soon to purchase the CD, because I am thinking of either including it in the Sculpture Project or to be further inspiration in my construction of the project. I will also go to Socrates Sculpture Park, because this is the space I am envisioning the Depression Sculpture to be .... we'll see if it will happen here. I am totally committed to making this happen. Whether it works at Socrates or at another setting.

I am eager to get some feedback about this idea. Already, three people think that this project will help many. I sincerely hope so. This is my motivation to help others understand this dis-ease that affects some of the population and yet....some others who don't think it is a matter of just "snapping out of it" or "bucking up". Ha!!! If only it were that easy.

Tell a depressed person who is so down that s/he can not get out of bed easily and s/he will try to tell you how hard it is. I was there. I also stayed in my home for too long and was afraid to go outside. I also experienced panic attacks.

How did I exit these terrible episodes? Not easily. I learned a lot. I want to share what I learned. I don't believe anyone's experience is exactly the same, however, a dis-ease has some similarities so I hope to ring a cord and help others who suffer from depressions and others to experience a bit of what it is like through this Sculpture of Depression.

Any comments? Please share with me if you do. I'd be very interested to know other experiences, input ... whatever....

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