Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Depression Project:A Sculpture

This is truly a project i intend to complete. The idea is inspired by Carol and I walking around in circles at a hospital commiserating about all the mess in our lives and how we weren't finding a way out of it.

It struck me that we were exercising to help get out of being depressed, and yet, we were kind of walking ourselves into a hole in the ground and not going anywhere. We were creating a "hole of depression".

The sculpture is "an actual depression in the ground". You spiral down inside this underground watertower-minus-legs-type structure in the ground. It goes down like the Guggenheim Museum on a decline. The material probably some type of metal...and then there is a bed to lie down upon. All the negative thoughts about events in my life and self, i now realize got me there -- to a depression.

This project's goal is to re-enact how a person may enter and exit a depression by actually going through a cathartic process. As one walks through this round structure, s/he wears earphones with the inner dialogue leading one to a deep, dark place - a depression. One must lie down in a simple bed of white linen (such as in a hospital). Then, one must sit up and turn the tape over to go on a path to exit the hole to become WHOLE again. This side is like music of positivity--sparks of light. The depressive space is really the mind. The healing is spiritual and musical.

Please respond by letting me know how you relate to this project. The individuals experiencing the entering and exiting of the hole of depression will always see a round open space to the sky above as a surety there is a way out.

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