Friday, September 4, 2009

Forced To Slow Down

For the past two days, I was flat on my back, literally. I hurt my lower back on the right side and couldn't sit or stand - it was so painful. So, I was forced to slow down and think.

I got into a negative head and wondered if I would ever walk again. I felt no one cared about poor little me. Oh my! Then, I did everything I could to get better...called a very good friend and got my sympathy, got a hot ice pack, hot water bottle, was lying flat on a mat, flat on the couch, flat on my bed. Used a product from Sri Lanka from my friend Fran, Sittalepa - great penetrating rub and smells great too. The heat finally worked. Read as much as I could on a flat back. Watched too much t.v. on a flat back, but caught some great films on TCM.

Finally, voila - she walks again. Hallelujah Chorus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It wasn't forever afterall. How we freak out when in pain and alone!

I did make it to the claybuilding workshop...prodded myself to go, but left early cause back pain started to return. Anyway, have been working on a model and the final structure is coming together.

I promise myself and you to post pics very soon. I will also post all the great drawings Meesh did. I now have such great admiration for Meesh's drawings. I must have changed my mind time and time again. Ah well, that's process. Now it is time to complete it.

So, please stand by. Going today or tomorrow to charge the camera and take the photos and post....hopefully up sometime after Labor Day!


hellophotokitty said...

I guess it seems that traditional indian wisdom and remedies saved the day. I will be making an appointment with the hindu astrologist 2mrw. Hopefully i will have as good results as you had with your back! Hope you feel better...

nancy said...


Hope you are feeling better. I have let this blog stagnate for a while and definitely have to get the photo technology going. Determined to submit Elation again to Socrates Sculpture Park for next year....

So, since you are a photographer...maybe you have some tips about posting online????

Hope the Indian wisdom and remedies worked!