Saturday, August 29, 2009

Your Relationship to Time

Many people are involved in relationships, but how many of us are aware or work on one of the most important ones - our relationship to time?

As I work on the model for Elation in clay, I have become more aware of my struggle with time. I want the end product and am forgetting about the process. I was getting hung up on details when the stability of the structure and the techniques (getting to know this medium) are more important at this time. I have been away from clay for many years and though I haven't forgotten everything about this medium, I am re-learning and refining skills. On paper if you want to change something, there is an eraser. What is clay's eraser? It is more like a transformation, a smoothing, wetting, scoring, etc.

In clay, you have a 3-dimensional substance...a malleable substance with limitations.

I will get the camera batteries and photograph the stages. Thursday, I made a first, second and the third model has been saved. Seeing the process may be done if I photograph the stages and this I must do.

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