Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thinking About Privacy and the Soul

I know that if a blog were just a journal that I could write and put in a drawer, it would not be the same. Who would look in the drawer? Me. Maybe my son, but that would be okay. So, here I want to reveal ... yet I also choose some privacy. To expose one's soul and yet not reveal some tender parts of the self seems wise.

I used to have an urgent need to express and get "IT OUT". It felt like I would burst if I couldn't share my emotions and thoughts. It has changed a bit. I still have a strong desire to express myself and tell stories, yet I have become more discerning of what I wish to share. I have discovered that boundaries may be permeable, but that I need to understand more and trust to share some of my life and not let it unravel like a yarn a cat plays with and scratches and pulls until it is undone and there is no ball of yarn, just a scattered path of occurrences.

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