Friday, August 7, 2009

Ecstatic and Juggling Projects

I signed up for a clay hand-building class. I am going to make a small model for ELATION and making it out of wood isn't cutting it! It is so great to put my hands into clay again. I think I will post more often also so that juggling writing my memoir of studies and life in Paris back in 1981 and ELATION can remain in motion.

ELATION was always part of this blog and yet my process in developing my writing for Marcel Marceau and Me: My Gargoyle of Joy and The Imaginary Balls (which is the title right now) is a more private process. However, I will allow myself to see how I can juggle two projects and writing about them will work.

So...I am back! I miss the comments from others and how writing here propels my process.


Wanderer62 said...

Hi Nancy,

Welcome Back! I'm glad you're taking the clay hand-building class. Good luck with making a small model of ELATION. And good luck with continuing your work on your memoir.

Kate : )

nancy said...

Thanks Kate!

Clay is so primal...first I go for acupuncture and massage and I feel like my body is made of clay and then I put my hands into this mushy great to feel so connected to the earth!