Sunday, February 15, 2009

Creation, The Process, and Deadlines

Creation can be exhilarating and joyous.

The process of creating includes editing, revamping and attention to emotion, detail, connection to the mind's and the body's processes, and all the senses.

Deadlines may cause fear and anxiety and dread...(get it all ready, hurry, hurry, more time!!!)

Well...I actually missed the deadline for Socrates Sculpture Park, simply because I misread an email that I thought meant the deadline for submissions was extended to March 8th. The email was really about the time the current sculptures will remain in the park!

I freaked! I got frustrated! I shared my pain! I called Socrates and was told I could hand in a late submission, but that the committee had already met and reviewed 300 submissions! Drat! Those damn deadlines! Then, I had time on my hands to think...and think I did.

I realized that I was down and out and then I got over it. I decided that I will hand in a late submission totally focused on the Spring Show "STATE FAIR" and hope the director will review it and think it is "PERFECT". If not, I will persevere and it will be created elsewhere.

Meesh and I are a team and already spoke about what we would do if Socrates did not choose "ELATION". I have put in much too much work to not complete this project. So, has Meesh. I see this obstacle as part of the process.

I have a strong need to communicate through A wooden sulpture multi-discipline installation piece. So, now after the heartache of feeling I screwed up, I feel invigorated and strengthened.

Isn't that what life is about anyway? And...ELATION? We experience ups and downs and by moving forward, we stay functional. If we attach ourselves to the negativity, we get stuck and get into a hole. We need to renew our strength and continue.

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