Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Marriage of the Heart and Mind

Motivation is a marriage of the heart and mind. If a feeling moves us to do something we may do it. Then a counter-feeling comes and we may do that. Confusion may follow. Running totally on emotions to guide us can be dangerous.

Chagall evokes so much emotion within me, yet he uses his mind to create beautiful poetic forms. I hope you enjoy his art here.

OKAY... what does this have to do with ELATION???

The spiraling that is what! The earth is a sphere. It spins on its axis. We spin or stay "in the flow" or spin "out of control. Poetry is emotion. The sculpture piece is an icon that is within nature and we are a part of nature.

The technicality of the creation of ELATION is influencing its form. I am playing with two ideas of the entering of the hole:womb-like space. Too complicated to explain this. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Please stop back as shortly, although not sure exactly when...a picture of a sketch will be posted.

Ahh. Technology. It can save time and yet, when learning takes time.

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