Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"Lucy, I'm Home!!!"

The video of "Build It Green" shows an organization in Long Island City that donates materials to Socrates Sculpture Park among other nonprofits. So, the wood and other materials for Elation may very possibly be coming from this place. I am projecting that Elation will be one of the proposals they accept. This video explains more about "Build It Green" and also shows some of the beautiful pieces they receive.

There's an elephant building in New Jersey, "Lucy the Elephant". They have a site if you want to learn more. It is:

Since Elation will be somehow evoke an elephant, I am curious to check out Lucy. So, I think I'll go to see her and snap some photos. I will post some here.

I don't want to confuse anyone. Elation will not be immediately recognizable as being resemblant of an elephant. Most of all, the aesthetics and a representation of a spiral descent into and ascent out of a depression is the theme for the sculpture.

Some background of "Why an elephant?" is that this painting I've posted before came from a spiritual experience as a child. For me, it represents my first spiritual experiences. Interestingly, the series of experiences started from a very negative one - feeling fear and frozen, emotionally, due to the arguing in the house between my mother and father.

Arguing in a home between parents is common, I think. However, for me, it was unbearable. I would escape to my lavendar room and somehow decided I was frozen and could not blink. (I didn't want to cry.) I told myself not to blink. In the darkness of my room, I saw colored sparks of light - red, green, yellow, purple. If you do not blink, eventually you must and your eyes tear. Our eyes wash away the little particles of dust, etc. to protect our delicate eyes. I wrote a children's book on this entitled "SPARKS".

When my eyes teared, the sparks bled like watercolor paintings of my emotions into beautifully colored scenes of flowers and trees and I saw an elephant smiling at me. I was elated, no longer fearful. To me, that was a connection either to an angel or what some of us call G-d.

So...this is the reason for the structure to somehow evoke an elephant.

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Chris B. said...

Hi Nancy,

I, too, escaped to my lavender room when my parents argued, which was constantly.

We have two things in common.