Sunday, November 2, 2008

First Stop Socrates, Next Stop Gantry

There is an informational meeting today at Socrates Sculpture Park for artists who will present proposals. It is from 1pm-3pm and then I will drive to Gantry to take some more photos.

I got sidetracked, but will work on posting photos tonight. I will ask help from Kate since she has posted photos of her paintings many times. I have found that a person is an excellent resource for information. Sure. I could look up and read tons of data and then finally figure it out. But...if I know someone who has the knowledge already, why not ask? Right? Of course, right.

I learned yesterday that the Noah in the bible who built "The Ark" used gopher wood.
A painting of Noah's Ark, said to be constructed from gopher wood.
However, it is questionable what we call this wood today. Because...gopher wood is an unknown type, I am interested to research all types of wood to be used for this project. Since, if you get the grant, Socrates helps with supplying the raw material, I will ask who could supply the wood and if they know what kinds are available.


Wanderer62 said...

Hi Nancy,

I sent you an email on how to upload images, hopefully it will help. If you run into problems, give me a call. I should be home after 9 PM.

How exciting going to the meeting for artists at Socrates Sculpture Park. It makes the whole experience more real, more immediate. I really hope you can upload your images soon. I'm very interested in seeing the plan for Elation.


Anonymous said...

I wish you good luck on the proposal and my suggestion for your exhibit at Socrates Park is that you provide a public space for people to share their personal stories succumbing to/overcoming depression. Personal stories are so powerful that the input from visitors could actually become one of the cornerstones of the exhibit itself. Especially due to the lingering stigma of admitting a foray into "mental illness", so many of us keep our journey(s) into and out of the obsessive, negative thought patterns and often concurrent seemingly odd behaviors/life choices bottled up inside. It would be so great to be invited to share...

Anonymous said...

If you included something on the stages of life, or aging, without enticing people to assume that they are not implicated in their elders' discomfort, you will contribute to an understanding of the long history of how cultures, especially ours, diminish our value, for the emphasis here is on social segregation, cosmetic surgery, never looking one's age, adolescence as the height of experience, perpetual angst about how one looks and how one must remain looking pre-pubescent, not grandmotherly. We seem to be disposable, and we know that others are uncomfortable in our presence, because we represent their future. Perhaps mirror images might be a contribution.

Anonymous said...

Dear Wanderer62,

Thank you for your information about uploading images. I am working on it. Yes. There is nothing like reality vs. virtual reality which is also interesting, but not as exciting. Whether I get the grant at Socrates or not, I plan to go ahead with this project. Socrates would be an excellent site.


nancy said...

1st anonymous,

I will definitely consider your idea about sharing personal stories. I am unaware how easily people will want to disclose, but of course, it would be very interesting and helpful. I, myself am "out-of-the-closet" about suffering from very debilitating depressions. It could be healing for others to share this anonymously perhaps. Nancy

Anonymous said...


I may enter Elation under the theme of "State Fair", a large topic for many pieces to be displayed beginning in the Fall. I envision "Elation" as being a spiral playground equipment for adults. I certainly will remember that some who need to feel joy are older and therefore make this inter-active sculpture piece accessible to a variety of age groups. Thank you for your comment. Nancy