Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tired and Elated

Needed a nap today after expending so much energy at work. I had a deep, deep sleep. I went so inside into a very quiet and serene satisfying and elating. Then my son came home and I prepared him an appetizing meal. Still quite tired, but content. Won my lawsuit against the chiropractor and though it wasn't big least now I can speak out and write and whatever about the dangers of neck manipulations by chiropractors.

Christa Heck wrote to me and she will be filmed for a documentary to be aired on CBS. Christa was not as lucky as me, she is paralyzed from (i think) the neck down and with four young children. I have some temperature sensation loss and weight gain, but no paralysis. I did have to learn to walk again. I have some residual problems that I struggle with, but noone can detect it and are extremely shocked when told I had a stroke.

So...I suppose when you were told you could have died this may cause one to be elated for an extended period of time. It caused me to wake up about not losing time to create and say what I need to communicate. I don't want to fall into complacency. The battle is to keep challenging oneself and not to settle.


Wanderer62 said...

Congratulations on winning the lawsuit against the chiropractor. I thank goodness that you have experienced no paralysis. I feel so badly for Christa Heck.

Good for you for embracing life again.


dpressedorgettingthere said...


If it doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger, right? Yes, Christa went through so much and yet she is organizing a nonprofit to help victims of stroke due to neck manipulations and a new documentary about her ordeal will be shown on PBS. I'll let you know when. Life ain't always easy, but always interesting.