Sunday, September 7, 2008

Seacliff, New York

Went to Seacliff today. Fresh air. Sailboats. Private beach. Ate brunch at Once Upon a Moose. A young girl of about eleven years served us in her mom's restaurant. Had a white omelette called the "Yolk Oh No!"

This town looks like an upstate village. Victorian style homes. Some with turrets. Very quaint. Feel tempted to move here. Saw some older hippie types. Fashback to the sixties. In a small shop...Rose's there were tiny peace sign earrings and a necklace in sterling silver. does this possibly relate to Elation.?

I did feel elated. Especially walking with my dear friend Karen on the town's private beach now open to the public. Since it is summer's end, dogs usually not allowed were there - one on a barge with a few kids - keeping guard, a sweet white poodle. Another tall, elegant greyhound walking on its stick-legs by the gentle water. Many sailboats and motorboats and kayaks lined the Long Island Sound. It took me only 30 minutes to arrive here. Now I am home in Kew Gardens Hills and my right leg, the gas pedal side is strained and it is Sunday night with a sinkful of dishes. The water I need now is the type with suds and a sponge.

Ah...the dream of paradise. Elation always seems to be elsewhere. It can exist in the mind if you have peace. So...will go meditate on the rocking chair and put my aching legs up. Do the dishes. Get ready for the week. Read. Write. Sleep.

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