Sunday, September 14, 2008

Humor and Dad

Elation equals humor? Yes, I think so for me. Laughter - peals and squeals of laughter. It heals. My dad started a career as a stand-up comedian and so he was trying out all his jokes and stunts on us.

I remember the talking toothbrushes to get us in the bathroom to brush our teeth. But...first...we heard "allo? allo? how are yooo?" "allo?" The toothbrushes were trying to communicate. They seemed to be alive and there I'd be transfixed - excited to get mine and make it brush my teeth pearly white.

Dad also had a special jump-foot-kick before leaving the room that made me smirk.

He was always smiling and still does and he has great wisdom. He taught me to laugh, to look for the good in others and is always willing to listen to me! My Dad - my very own Charlie Chaplin.

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