Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Feast: Nourishment

There was a man and he was shown a place called "Paradise".
There was a long table in a lush garden adorned with a white, lace tablecloth
and the best china with a feast fit for royalty.
However, the people were gaunt and starving.
The man saw that though each human being's hand was outstretched, none could bend their arms so as to feed themselves.

"No." the man said. "This can not be paradise."

This same man was shown another place which mirrored the previous one.
Yet, the people were laughing and nourished and happily eating.
They still could not put the food in their own mouths due to their outstretched arms.
The difference between this scene and the other was that these people were feeding
their neighbors across from them.

"Yes." the man said. "This is paradise."

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