Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Birth and Death and Shit Happens

I usually like to listen to 93.9 on the radio in the car. So...I turn it on and hear about an art show in Manhattan called "Shit" by a supposed artist named Andre Serrano who I hear saying he "doesn't care if he offends...he just wants a reaction". The worst thing he says is "if someone were indifferent".

Is art something the body discards as waste? What does he want to say? Photographs of piles of crap are piles of crap. A rose is a rose is a rose. Therefore, a pile of crap is a pile of crap is a pile of crap. Isn't it?

He also stated that he doesn't like visual art much. It doesn't move him as much as music does so he had to do this to really feel something. Oh my! The critique of the work created by Serrano on 93.9 was a positive, lengthy explanation as to its authenticity as art. As a Black social worker I know explained to some young Black students who were using the "N" word... "You can wrap that word in a pretty package, but it's still doo doo!"

However, pretty the frame Mr. Serrano - you merely took a picture of doo doo. The difference between it in real life is you need to be sensitive to smell the picture.

I don't believe art can not shock or disturb, but what is he trying to say? I don't think he even knows. He just wants to feel something? Incroyable, mais vrai!

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Kimizzy said...

I am new to your blog. Well said about that "shit" exhibit. I get irritated when people try to hard to be different or controversial, particularly artists.

Nice blog. :)