Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Our Image

Are we the image we see in the mirror?
Do we see clearly?
What about our inner self?
Who sees that being?
Do we?
Do we allow ourselves to be kind to the vulnerable "me"?
Do you know how to be your "own best friend"?
Have you heard of "positive self-talk"?
You tell yourself out loud statements you want to remember
instead of the negative ones that may be playing in your head.

Little by little, I pick myself up and dust myself off to face another day.
I have been crying a lot.
It is a letting go of the past.
It is letting go of all the "I could've, would've, should'ves".

I can re-connect to life. I am one of G-d's creatures. (my belief)
G-d wants me to be wise and happy. All I experience in life are lessons.
I deserve happiness and wisdom. The key is to care for others and oneself.


Wanderer62 said...

Hi Nancy,

I don't think I have a clear picture of my inner self. I spend so much time alone that I think I lose sight of it. But I have been talking into a tape recorder for over eight months and it is really like being a good friend to myself through talking and listening.

I don't like thinking of you crying so much, though I know it can be a good release.

You do deserve happiness and wisdom.


nancy said...

Hi Kate,

Firstly, thanks for posting.
What a great observation that by being alone too much it is harder to see who we are. I think that is what I get from your comment about yourself. I think that is because we all are connected and can see ourselves reflected in others.

The act of talking into a tape recorder is such a wonderful idea. Are you working on a podcast?

And...thank you for being so sensitive about me crying. I was dealing with a difficult, loudmouth person and I didn't want to become mean back. Somehow the rudeness of this individual brought up a flood of events from the past and I was washed over in tears. I am okay. It's like I am stepping into some new skin, a more resilient me.

Kate, It is people like you that make me realize how friendships are so precious.