Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Imaginary Balls/Simply the Best

Many people use the expression "It takes balls" to emphasize the brute strength it takes
physically, emotionally and otherwise to do something. You never hear the expression "It takes a vagina". In fact, the expression "Don't be a pussy" is used to connotate weakness. I recently found a youtube of Richard Harris commenting on the word "cunt" and its derivative from "country". He was recognizing that it is considered such a horrible word.

My point is many people may accept the strength and brute force of a man, but a woman, as far as we have come with women's liberation, must remain polite. If a woman shows her out! Not only men, but women may also not accept her behavior. Men and women should be scrutinized in the same way. Brute force is brute force.

I do not think women should be stifled. We should have the same rights as men to express ourselves. Perhaps true power is compassion with force and endurance.

Tina Turner is one female singer who embodies strength I admire. Imaginary balls is the false power one thinks s/he have because of shouting and putting others down - disregarding emotions. Not my idea of strength. Why not just box or wrestle to prove you are strong?

There are two happy accidents that happened during my choices for the youtube videos. I did not want the four videos when I entered Tina entered Turner. I got two of Tina Turner and then a funny video of a man, Mr. Turner, with a female officer trying to administer a test for his alcohol level. Hysterical. And, another one "Page Turner" of Victor Borges...also hysterical. He uses mime. Enjoy!!!

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