Sunday, June 8, 2008

Elation at Queens Botanical Gardens?

Queens Botanical Gardens' site lists its vision and mission. They are the following:


"To be the Botanical Garden noted for presentation of plants as unique expressions of cultural traditions."


"The Queens Botanical Garden, a living museum serving the most ethnically diverse county in the United States, is committed to presenting collections, education and research initiatives and programs that demonstrate environmental stewardship, promote sustainability and celebrate the rich cultural connections between people and plants."

So, the thought comes to me...What about the sustainablity of human life?

Because they have many acres of land and depression is an illness which spans all cultural groups, an installation of "Elation" in this setting would be natural.

I have already decided that "Elation" will be made of wood, but only wood that comes from diseased trees or ones already cut, not ones for profit-making. In other words, for example: No Discarded Christmas Trees. NO!!! Absolutely not, even if I could get them for free.

The idea is for everything about "Elation" to be about life - healing. I would like "Elation" to be a model of structures that hospital grounds may have built outside on their grounds and include outdoor "play" for their patients who are able to go outside - to help in their healing process.

I want the elderly, physically-challenged, blind, etc. to be able to climb up this piece which I envision at least five feet high. There will be a ladder for people who are able to climb it. There will be a ramp for those who can not. Therefore, it must meet a code also for wheel chairs. Maybe there should be a special time for people in wheelchairs...I am not sure...this is tricky. Will ask an architect. I do not want to forget "Elation" is not only for diverse cultures of countries, yet also subgroups with specific challenges.

They also have a gallery at Queens Botanical Gardens. I would like to display artifacts of some of my depressions: the watercolors I created that I did to heal myself and my fellow sufferers in the hospital stays, a cane that I painted as a candy cane (a remnant of my mini-stroke and refusal to be considered disabled), a dedication to "SPLASH" this guy who was hospitalized with me who always made me laugh...(a long story) my colorful rendering of the dissection of my right vetebral artery(showing the I.V. as my tree in the hospital keeping me alive)...could all be in the gallery.

Maybe the architects - BKSK who built the "green" visitors' building or one of them would be interested to work with me on "Elation".

My next step is to write a proposal for The Queens Botanical Gardens. The vision is so much clearer now! I will try to get a precise sketch to photograph and put it up on this blog.


Wanderer62 said...

Hi Nancy,

I would very much like to see a sketch or sketches of your ideas. It sounds very interesting. I've never been to the Queens Botanical Gardens, only to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, but if it's anything like the one in Brooklyn, I think it would be a great site. Where better to place a wood sculpture but in a place for growing things? Definitely connects with your ideas of healing.

Oh, and show us some of your watercolors! Nancy, go get that camera. Nikon is making halfway decent cheap point and shoot cameras. I have one--it's a Coolpix L16. Cost about $98. Of course, if you can afford a better camera, go for it. Not in my budget right now.

You go girl!

Kate : )

nancy said...


It would be something new in my blogging to post some of my artwork and also my own photos instead of a photo sharing that I use for my slideshows. I will look to buy a digital camera. Thank you so much for the information.

You have inspired me with your beautiful artwork! some by email to me.

I don't think of myself of as very technologically advanced, yet I will take some new steps to learn technology. I will now approach learning about digital cameras like learning new techniques for the visual arts.

Thank you so much for inspiring me!