Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why Elation?

I have changed the name of this project from Depress Shun to Elation. It was suggested to me and I think it is a great idea.

The way to avoid a depression, i think...is to know how to experience joy or elation as opposed to the sadness. This does not mean one can never feel down. This does not mean anyone is guilty who is stuck in some negativity.

This change is due to the fact that I wish to reach more people. Some people are so worried that they may get depressed, that even reading about it, or remembering me and the horrible depressions I went through, stops them from visiting this blog.

Also, I have made some definite decisions about the sculpture piece, now to be entitled "Elation". Thank you to a writer friend who suggested this title. Actually it morphed from "Elevation" to "Elation".

The entire piece will be of wood. I have felt an incredible amount of health and healing in my life from this wonderful material of nature. I was greatly inspired by a piece by the sculptor, Robert Ressler...Baruch Ashem which is at Grounds For Sculpture, a sculpture park in Hamilton, New Jersey. It is a deeply beautiful piece and has some similar points with my concept. It is circular and seems to be so musical as if the pieces of wood are dancers in the landscape. You may go to the website to see it. http://www.groundsforsculpture.org/ then go to exhibitions, click on the photo and find Robert Ressler, click again.

"Elation" will include an elevated wooden platform with a slide that is attached with a latch. The slide goes into a very large hole. If one gets too close or if one wants to experience it you can slide into the hole. The hole will be a womb-like area beneath...the beautiful wooden platform to the outside world of sky and people. The hole - a cushiony space, will be a dark isolating atmosphere with bedding, pillows and silence. The person in the hole will be able to see outside and hear the beautiful music and interactions of life above and be able to crawl back out to join others or stay alone. Others above the hole may try to help the person out of the hole.


Chris B. said...

Hello Nancy,

Love the name "elation" and your idea for the wooden sculpture. It would be good to have the pillows underground. Someone could go down there and experience how it feels, yet look up at the sky and be connected to the world and other people.

I do so want to take part in your sculpture.

Best wishes,

nancy said...


Thanks! A blog is interactive and your input has been extensive. I definitely want you and hopefully Kate also to take part in the sculpture. The name elation was indeed your suggestion and works beautifully.