Monday, April 28, 2008

Depress Shun: My Guitar Gently Weeps by George

The music.....
I am including some videos of George Harrison's exquisite melody "While My Heart Gently Weeps". I am not aware usually why a song pops into my head. I always know and trust there is a reason. Then I go to youtube to find a video and listen. I am excited by this musical research.

The post before this one had Adon Olam in Hebrew, a song/prayer that has a very circular melody to me. George's has a deep understanding of how the heart feels and the personification of the guitar. I find great beauty and sadness in this melody as in many songs that touch me so strongly. I have often wondered why the most beautiful songs seem to touch sadness. About letting go and growth perhaps... I am thinking about a piece of writing I am creating about Marceau and The Statue of Joy he asked me to copy. I couldn't find the music. Maybe because I love sad songs and lacked a repetoire of joyful tunes?

I now know that music heals me when I get down and can cause me to feel great joy. I think joy is very close to hearing music all the time. Yesterday I saw a film called August Rush that shows a power of rhythms and melodies...I know...coming from a mime...who will even listen to me???? There is music in silence. It is always available to us if we truly listen.

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