Friday, April 25, 2008

Depress Shun

I want to use wood in the construction of this structure. It is a sculpture, but also a useable piece somehow like in an amusement park, yet due to its natural material subtler colors for the eyes. It will have to be strong enough to hold many people on it.

I envision it as a wooden structure a few feet (not sure how many yet) off the ground. In circumference - large enough and strong enough to hold twenty people at least. There will be a fence around the edge of the top platform with five ropes or steel wires representing the lines of the musical notation system and possibly the actual notes of Adon Olam (Master/Creator of the Universe) from the Hebrew.

The notes may be like strap hangers to secure the visitors of the sculpture from falling into the hole they must Shun....Depress - Shun. However if they do get too close to the hole, a metal slide will carry him/her down under to a soft, round bed-mattress. To get back out, the person must make efforts to climb out. Others may try to help. The danger of sliding into the hole is ever present.

In the hole it is dark, yet there is an open space to the outside. It is comfortable and very quiet inside the hole...almost simulating the womb. However... only one person may go in at a time. You are totally alone. It is away from others - soft, dark and only one person may slide in and the experience is about being alone.

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