Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I'm Dreaming Again

I'm dreaming again...
About walking around and around and around,

And the ground gets depressed from all the pressure...
And others and I start sensing we are slowly being pulled
Down into the earth...
But it is solid and we can still breathe.

We keep circling and though we see the light...
The sphere above is getting smaller...
And the hole is becoming deeper.

These two circles are present now.
One reaching to the sky in day and speckled with stars at night,
The other below growing larger and more shadowy.

We all see a rectangle of light emerge below.
It is a bed wrapped tightly with a white sheet and pillow...
To rest our weary bodies and minds.

We are so exhausted from the circling and lie down.
We can not get back up as hard as we try...

We hear melodies above.
We want to fly.
We must make enormous efforts to
Rise from this heavy sleep.

We sing!!! We shall sing!!! We shall sing!!!

Deep blues and reds and yellows and greens fill the space.
Chagall rouses us out from
The darkness.

We rise up to become part of the canvass.
At last, we are lifted and turn
Toward the cool air and sky.

We exit the hole
And become whole again.

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