Sunday, March 2, 2008


Coffee is good.
Coffee gently rouses me from sleep. adult bottle...
It helps me fit in the company I keep.

Sometimes it soothes me as it stimulates my mind.
It lets my brain cells communicate in record time.

Coffee is my friend.
It is always there...

Freeze-dried Taster's Choice...
In my white freezer
All ready with the plastic dependable spoon
Takes the rich, dark roast in a measured dose.

I merely light the fire to some water.

It whistles to beckon
My hands to pour it.

Sometimes coffee invites conversation with others to chat...
About this and about that.

We somehow finally find time to meet
In the "City that Never Sleeps!"

Sometimes coffee accompanies me alone with other ponderers...

As I read and write in the shop
bearing its beautiful name.
I take my time and stop
While I gently stir its milky grain.

I sit and wait.

It is refilled without asking.
It allows me to take my time.

Some say take "decaf".
I laugh.

Coffee lets me lead.
Coffee lets me read.
Coffee is all I need.

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