Thursday, February 7, 2008

Dispersed...Breathing Again

I have been in a compulsive mode and rushing around as if I will never get things done. I have felt that my house is screaming at I don't want to go there. The dishes...the laundry...the bills...GET BACK HERE!!! YOU'LL BE SORRY!!!

I am NOT really hearing is just a feeling and a joke that my house is personified and yelling at me. I think I need to preface this since there may be some who would take this comment literally. I have empathy for those who have suffered from delusions and hallucinations. I feared it. never happened to me.

Anyway, I spoke to a close friend who is like a sister. We are spiritual sisters and understand each other so well. As soon as we spoke I started breathing more easily. I was able to reduce the stress immediately. I breathed.

I forgot to meditate today. I will close my eyes for 5 minutes and do it now.

Try it too if you like. Sit with a straight back, hands in your lap, feet flat on the floor, head resting gently like a head of a marionette puppet. Focus only on the breathing. However, if your attention wanders ... bring it back gently and re-focus on the breath.

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