Thursday, January 10, 2008

Another Day At Work

I am at work and I should feel lucky. I have so much to be thankful for, but all I can think is that I have so much writing and performing and other things I could being doing right now if I didn't have to be here.

Guilt is not an emotion I want to deal with a lot anymore. I've had my fill. Now I want to empower myself to act upon the creativity I now almost totally believe in. I was waiting for someone else to give me the go-ahead. Now that person is me. Whatever tries to stop me will be my own doing and my own responsibility, because I am now aware.

I miss my friend Sara's gentle counsel. She has taught me more to trust myself. We have such different backgrounds and yet we understand each other so well, because we are "made of the same fabric".

I am writing a fable and Sara is my sister in it. I find it so inspiring to write about people as animals. I think we have traits that relate more to certain animals than others. Sara and I have so much fun, because we worked at the same job...finding the animal that a person we know looks and acts like. It is our secret. Well...if this book is published, I hope most will not recognize themselves and I am going to use a different ... we'll see.

Nothing about depression today. More about finding one's joy. It is important to find what makes one joyful. For me... it is acting, writing, nature, going to films, museums, galleries. I love so many things in life. I guess I'm greedy about my passions!

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