Friday, August 13, 2010

Energy vs. Synergy

I am an early riser and then I poop out. Woke up at 7am, ate and then conked out for two hours...I worry in the morning and have learned to just stop thinking and focus on routine.

POP into shower.
MEDITATE...try to sit still.

Since I am off for the summer...swim and bike each day...not on a tight schedule though...these two activities are my bliss.

Alone time can be loneliness or solitude...seems that loneliness can become solitude if I give enough time.

Together with others demands synergy...a two-person or more energy, hopefully harmonious to experience whatever.

My individual energy comes in spurts. If I sit inside too long without focus, I get cabin fever. My home has not become a sanctuary ... yet. A dear friend told me that it is the one environment you have the most control over, but mine keeps SCREAMING at me. This seems to be an internalized critical self that I wrestle with. I was asthmatic and sick often as a kid, so maybe I got a touch of claustrophobia - because of that...who knows?

It is good task to reflect on how you use your energy. How can you unwind the energy at night?

Trying chamomile tea...reading...and NOT going to the internet or I could get over-stimulated...


Sani said...

The photo of NYC is beautiful.

nancy said...

Thank you Sani.