Sunday, December 7, 2008

Spoken Words Can Be Music/Laughter is Music

I discovered this great video entitled "If I Controlled the Internet" so I have posted it
here. Please watch it!

The laughter of children may be beautiful music. Also, the speaking of words in a rhythm, drawn out....ones that heal and uplift are a music. Thank you to Kate and to Blick for their comments! Also, thank you Chris! You have been commenting all along since the beginning of this project. The comments you have all made give the impetus to move forward! They also help to shape the creation of Elation.

There is an amazing teaching by a Tzadik in the Jewish tradition called "AZAMRA". This translates to "I Shall Sing". It is by Rabbi Nachman of Breslov. When in the depths of despair, I was always seeking peace - answers to the hard lessons life was teaching me, but which were so hard to find. I remember thinking ... "I need a very wise man or wise woman." Many family and friends expressed their love, but they could not understand my pain. My father brought a Hassidic Rabbi to talk to me. He told me he could do nothing. It was between me and G-d.

I was in a hospital with a woman who was hallucinating and talking to herself. She sometimes spoke in Hebrew. It clicked! Sing words of a Hebrew song to heal. I didn't know exactly what I was was "Hatikvah".

All the previous day, I had been busy changing my negative thoughts to positive ones - speaking only positive words with my friend Carol. I was obsessively working to be happy and sane again. That evening the depression lifted and I felt free and calm. I thought the storm was over. It returned in the morning. However, I persisted keeping this song in my head and sang it going to sleep....this time the depression lifted for good.


Wanderer62 said...

Nancy, thank you for sharing about your experience in the hospital. That's really amazing how the power of positive thinking lifted you out of a deep depression. I hope you will write more about your experiences with mental illness in and out of the hospital.


nancy said...

Kate -

I have found that the most simple truths are some of the most difficult to apply in our lives. Yes...positive thinking, I've found is key to unlocking the peace one needs to live. Negativity makes us stuck - trips us up. So obvious maybe that we miss the point.