Sunday, November 23, 2008

Elation and VERTIGO

I watched Alfred Hitchcock's film Vertigo yesterday. I had never seen it in its entirety.

I couldn't help making the connection of the spiral in Elation and the dizzyness being shown
in the film by a spiral. The circular motion of a spiral can take one out of focus. It causes
imbalance and loss of footing. We have an American expression "To Spiral Out-of-Control".

I think when a person gets overindulgent or caught up in too much desire or negativity,s/he spirals out of control; starts the descent down or aascent up, but neither is healthy. The ability to "balance" is key; to be able to stay vertical and move which ever way one needs at that moment in time.

I studied mime in Paris with Marcel Marceau and not until I had a mini-stroke and had to learn to walk again did I realize the amazing ability human beings have - to walk. Just watch a child first learning and the great skill it takes or watch an elderly person with or without a cane. Each movement creates a shift of body weight.

In creating a friend once told me...."People forget to make time for UPSET TIME." Meaning...there will be imbalances, frustrations, anger and is part of the process. One needs to be a baby or elderly person may show...each step is important...each shift of weight.

After the mini-stroke and even until now, I am aware of balance. The slight tear in the vetebral artery I had caused by a chiropractor created a Wallenberg Syndrome - a stroke affecting the balance. I am a Libra. I have always been aware how balance is important.

Elation is also about symmetry and balance. Heights of high emotion is not the achievement human beings seek - rather I think it is BALANCE.


controlled chaos said...

That's really interesting and so true...

nancy said...

Hi controlled chaos,

Glad you visited the blog again. Thanks for your comment. It is interesting to me also to make these connections. Life is so amazing! Nancy