Sunday, August 31, 2008

"You Complete Me"

"You complete me."

When I saw "The Dark Knight" this was my favorite line. The Joker said this to Batman, mimicking the famous line in "Jerry McGuire" spoken by Tom Cruise.

I have completed a memoire of the time I studied with Marcel Marceau. I kept a journal with details of my thoughts, exercises, step by step mime creations, relationships at the time. It has some blurry purplish pages from when we had a birthday party for Yana. It was raining so we decided to jump into the Seine River. Then, got chased by the gendarmes of the sea.

It is satisfying to have written about this pivotal time in my life. It shaped so many events that happened afterwards. I learned that it is possible to go back to a past event and relive it in one's mind and yet, gain a new point-of-view. One of the major benefits was to reconnect with my dear friend, Bruce and maybe others.

Completion of this memoire produces such contentment within. It took approximately one year to write.

The music by The Doors is haunting and illuminating and seems to speak of life so well. I thought of it, because of the name of the group: The Doors. When you complete something it is as if a door is closed. Others open. We continue to go through passages. Enjoy!


Wanderer62 said...

Congratulations on completing your memoirs! What a magical thing to go back in time and recreate your past in words. I think that takes a lot of courage, strength and self understanding.


nancy said...


Nice to hear from you again. Thanks for your post.