Monday, June 16, 2008


Which one should I put on today?
The one with the perpetual grin
To obscure the sin?

All pass by you.
You loom in front commanding
directives like a false god.

Your eyes downcast upon your path causes hearts to flutter.

Should we put on our tiny voices too?
Make ourselves invisible?

As you point your sepulcher
Do you ever find the point of pain?

The collateral damage has been done
To whom?

Your mask is a tighter fit than our temporary ones.
It has had time to assume the contours of superiority.
Lines are cut deeply concave and protrusions sculpted so convex
Needing a spell to complete the illusion.

The string that used to sit upon your ears has disappeared.
What you hear is echoes of your soul.

Our masks conceal our selves
While yours reveals the core.

Please listen and watch the third video. Vincent Van Gogh has touched my life so deeply by his paintings and this tribute is so sensitive and exquisite.


Wanderer62 said...

Beautiful poem Nancy. I read it aloud and it felt just right.

I'm afraid I'm not able to play the video, so I can't respond to that, but is the poem also a tribute to Vincent Van Gogh?


nancy said...


What an interesting question! Is Masks also a tribute to Van Gogh? I guess it could be. The poem actually came out of frustration with a person who abuses her power in the world of work. And yet, when I re-read it, I saw that it may also be taken differently. I suppose since you are a painter and Vincent is too you naturally saw this other side. Thank you. It is, in fact, also a tribute to Van Gogh who suffered so much and who gave so much - whose paintings continue to vibrate with life.