Sunday, April 13, 2008

Laisse La Porte Ouverte (Leave the Door Open)

This is a poem I wrote while in Paris studying at Marcel Marceau's school. I will write the French (there may be grammatical or spelling errors - pardonnez-moi) and then a translation of what the French means.

Laisse La Porte Ouverte

Je me laisse la porte ouverte un peu.
Si on envie a venir,
Si vous voudrez,
Voir les yeux, fleurs d'un cineau.

Je glisse dans une autre monde.
Bien sur, glisse dedans l'etang avec moi.
Le paradis est la bien sur.

Avec les yeux d'un cineau,
Les main etendent comme un moulin,
En haut et en bas nous flottons.
Nous volons.


Les ailes.
La bleu.
La blanche qui continuais pour toujours.

Pour toujours.

En haut et en bas pour toujours,
Sans un fin pour toujours.

Nous flottons.
Nous volons.


Les ailes.

Leave the Door Open

I leave the door open a little.
If you would like to enter,
If you would like to see,
With other eyes,
Flowers of a swan.

I slide into another world.
Of course, slide into this dream with me.
The paradise exists; it is certain.

With the eyes of a swan,
and the hands extended as a windmill,
Above and on below we float...we fly...


The wings...
The azure sky...
The white clouds...
Continue without end...

Hallelujah...for an eternity....

Above and below forever,
Without an ending... for an eternity...
We float...
We fly...


Ah, the wings...


Chris B. said...


This is the most amazing poem you've written!


nancy said...


Thank you for compliment! It came out of an experience when I was watching two swans and their seven young in a park years ago in Paris. I was facsinated by the grace of these creatures moving effortlessly in the pond. I was studying movement all the time and it was so peaceful.