Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Found My Journal!

I found my journal from when I studied with Marceau in Paris! I include my impressions of the city and my struggles to hone my skills as an artist at his school.

At one point, we, the students were celebrating someone's birthday on a boat and jumped into the Seine River. Our logic... because we were sopping wet from a heavy rain and... already on the boat (and a bit tipsy) so...why not? The Seine is filthy and polluted so...the police were after us. We were crazy to do such a thing! was fun!!!

The journal has evidence of the plunge in the Seine -- blurry spaces of blots of purple stains-- since though the book was meant to be protected in plastic in my knapsack ---it did get wet also! Some words are completely blotted out and others readable. Interesting that some memories are even a challenge for the journal to remember due to the Seine episode.

Somehow the challenges of week-ends isolating myself to practice my art. The silence within me studying and separating myself alone relate to Depress Shun. I did suffer a clinical depression when I left Marceau's school finally. Somehow, I decided I had failed. I thought I wasn't good enough to be a actress...and my heart was broken also due to a love affair.

Je ne regrette que rien! (I don't regret "not one thing!")

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