Saturday, January 26, 2008

What's The Opposite of Depression?

I want to write about the alternative to unknowingly choosing depression. So I've been thinking....what is the opposite? Well...depression is the concave form and is about being pushed down. I suppose then the opposite is encouragement - you can encourage yourself to be positive -- to expand joy and acceptance, to be brought back up....and others can encourage you also just as others may help introduce depressive thoughts.

Human beings must handle so many difficulties in life and not allow one to go down, down, down and to know how to get back up, up, up is extremely important.

Example: An event such as the death of a loved one occurs. It most probably will cause one to feel loss, sadness, a concave feeling of being down. Of course, one must experience and allow some time to go through the pains. The key, I believe, is not staying in the down mode for too long. A support system of friends, family, a therapist and/or possibly a priest, rabbi, imam, minister, etc. - a ceremony to allow one to express one's sadness or a ritual in ones tradition or created by oneself are all ways to help one cope.

Action is the key. The mind is powerful and has a need for peace. I have found the most profound truths are so simple that they elude us.

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